Multi-flow Pen 120 Hybrid Borehole Pump


Hybrid AC/DC Borehole Pump

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The MultiFlow range of AC/DC hybrid pumps are fitted with a permanent magnet and brushless motor
which enables the efficient use of energy from a wide range of supply options. The pump system oers
the perfect water supply solution in remote areas where water is scarce and utility power supply is
non-existent or unreliable. The motor is water filled and poses no pollution risk to drinking water. The
controller is inside the motor to make the system easier to install and more reliable.
– Water-cooled motor. This poses no pollution risk to drinking water
– Brushless DC motor
– Integrated built-in controller with MPPT & DSP technology
– Flexibility in terms of power supply and solar panel configurations
– Can be powered from mains and/or power generators (additional to solar)
– Flexible power options enable day and night time pumping
– Two year warranty

Dry-running protection:

In order to prevent the pump running dry (without water), the MultiFlow’s built-in controller intelligently detects the water level. When the water level drops below the water inlet, the pump controller will automatically cut off power supply. The controller will then try to test-start again after about 30 seconds. This function protects the motor from damage caused by over heating due to running dry. If the pump runs dry more than 3 times the controller will shift into a long-time protection state for 30 minutes before re-starting again. To disable the long-term protection function cut off power supply manually, wait 2 minutes and then manually re-start the pump.

High efficiency:

The MultiFlow range is equipped with permanent magnet, DC brushless motors as oppose to asynchronous motors. This offers more efficient and stable output power. Internal motor windings enable a more stable magnetic field. Intelligent frequency conversion controls the motor’s speed according to the power input and load. Motor parameters: Speed Range: 500 to 6000 RPM. Power Range: 370 to 3000 Watts. Maximum Current: 9 Amps. AC/DC Hybrid power input.

Over-voltage and under-voltage protection:

Under unstable power supply conditions the intelligent controller cuts off the power due to its interference protection components. It is recommended to install a lightning arrester if operating in areas prone to electrical storms.

Overload and Over-current Protection:

When voltage surges overload protection contractor in the controller opens, cutting off the power. The controller then tries self-start several times every 20 seconds until voltage is stabilized.

High temperature protection:

To avoid extreme motor heating the control system cuts off power when motor temperature reaches 120 ̊ C (248 ̊ F). The controller then restarts when the temperature drops to below 120 ̊ C (248 ̊ F).

MPPT Function:

The Maximum Power Point Tracking function optimises power generation from the PV array.

Motor Soft Start:

The motor used is equipped with an intelligent variable frequency converter / soft starter program. On start-up the power required is less than 100W and current is below 0.15A. This means any external contractors, power disconnectors and sensors/switches must be rated 100W or less. As the operation continues, operating power is gradually increased until motor reaches its maximum speed.


Supply voltage Flexibility with regards to power supply and power range,
the motor can be supplied with either DC or AC voltage:
AC voltage range: 1 x 60 – 300 VAC,50-60Hz
DC voltage range: 60 – 400VDC
Open circuit voltage: 60-440VOC
Output power range: 0.37 – 3.0Kw for DC
Output power range: 0.37 – 2.2Kw for AC
* Please note: Included in the price is the pump with built-in controller
The panel configuration is determined by the flow rate and head and is to be quoted separately.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 126 × 15 × 16 cm